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Ookurikara Touken Ranbu! by J-Rhapsodies
Ookurikara Touken Ranbu!
 xD did this while watching shows waiting for my katanas to be ready in the game...
and later on got affected by senmusou (sobs mitsunari ;A; *off topic*) ;( totally lost my mood to finish it up so it's still pretty rough sketch

My friend said she hasn't seen me posting anything than dolls here lol!
 D: my current drawing style just doesn't suit the characters in game arghhhh
but I still feel like doing a whole megane series for the katana boys ^-^
The Shinsengumi! by J-Rhapsodies
The Shinsengumi!
now I got myself a new desktop wallpaper hees....
The shinsengumi idols :X am short of a Hijikata and Kondou to complete this lol!

Model : Volks SDGr Okita on SD17 Body. Volks SDGr Saitou on SD17 Body
Looking different! by J-Rhapsodies
Looking different!
Well my Saito is finally back home from his 3 months of face up journey lol!
The default face up gave almost every Saito a grumpy look ^^;
especially from the top down angle ....and so far most of the custom face ups I've seen are more on the stern expression.
I'm so glad that the artist gave mine a slightly different looking one lol!
I knew that Saito has a naturally born smile , but I didn't know he could look so adorable >v<!!

Model : Volks SDGrB Saito Hajime on SD17
  • Listening to: Me~地球のい
  • Reading: -
  • Watching: Togainu no Chi,Hakuouki
  • Playing: Tokimeki GS Season 3
  • Drinking: Cola light :)
Family: D.O.D
Model: DOI Code no.03(With tattoo) doll only
Face up: Default
Status: SELLING @ 420USD

Family: Granado
Face up:  Blank
Status: SELLING @ 100USD

Family : AngellStudio
Model: Chang'an Cosplay Huang (HEAD ONLY,solid butter skin)
Face up : ESTEBEBE
Status: SELLING @ 160USD(Shipping inclusive)

Drop me a message here or PM rhapsodies on DOA for more details! :D



Family: RingDoll
Model: Ringteen Pan Style B NS
Face up: Dr.Seiji

Family: HZDoll
Model: Huika 1/3 WS
Face up: Default

Family: D.O.D
Model: DOI Code No.11 LE
Face up: Default

Family: D.O.D
Model: DOI Code no.02
Face up: Default

[五夜]Code K-DK051
Family: D.O.D
Model: DOI Luke mod
Face up: Lightlybattered(gabriel)

Family: Volks
Model: SD Graffitti Souji Okita LE
Face up: Estebebe

Family: Volks
Model: SD17 Reisner~The Shadow of Captain~LE
Face up: ?

Family: Volks
Model: SD17 Reisner the Scarface~The Shadow of Captain~LE
Face up: Estebebe

Family: Volks
Model: SD17 Reisner~The Desire for Revenge~
Face up: Default

Family: D.O.D
Model: DOI DreamHead 4
Face up : Default

[十二夜] 梓上(しじょう/Shijyou)
Family: Volks
Model: SD17 Hikaru Genji
Face up : Estebebe

[十三夜] 白羽-(シラハネ/Shirahane)
Family: Volks
Model: SDGr Date Masamune
Face up: Default

[十四夜] 秘(ヒソカ/Hisoka)
Family: DollClans
Model: Kien on SD17
Face up: Estebebe

[十五夜] Zi(Zee)
Family: Crobidoll
Model: UNICEF R-Line Ziwoo
Face up: Default

[十六夜] イッチャン(Icchan)
Family: Volks
Model: YoSD Isao Nanjyou
Face up: Default

[十七夜] 曦(Xi)
Family: Crobidoll
Model: E Line Yeon Ho Type A
Face up: Default

[十八夜] 翠(ミドリ/Midori)
Family: Volks
Model: SDGrB Amelia
Face up: Estebebe

[十九夜] Val
Family: DollClans
Model: SD17 Kien~Be My Valentine~
Face up: Raykit(Default)

[二十夜] Boss
Family: DollClans
Model: SDGou Vezeto ~White Love Story~
Face up: Raykit(Default)

[二十一夜] 士狼(シロウ/Shirou)
Family: Volks
Model: SD17 Shirou.Tachibana DP27
Face up: default

[二十二夜]  栎橼(Yue Yuan)
Family: Dikadoll
Model: 70CM Qiong Lou
Face up: default

[二十三夜] 縡羽(コトハ/Kotoha)
Family: Volks
Model: YoSD Bontenmaru
Face up: default

[二十四夜] 烜宇(ケンウ/Kenwu)
Family: CTY
Model: SD17 Lithos
Face up: default

[二十五夜]首阳 (ヨウ/Yang)
Family: Latidoll
Model: Largo
Face up: default

[Dikadoll] Qionglou Ver 2
[Volks] SDGou Claude,The Beast


J-Rhapsodies's Profile Picture
:) I do enjoy taking photos.I can't produce something like the professionals do, but I am just enjoying the process ^-^
Good or bad I'm just in love with it,simply because it makes me feel happy! ^0^

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Negi-King Featured By Owner May 15, 2014
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Like your work, you have some great pics at your gallery !
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Thank you ^^!
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Oh my God, they are all your dolls?
Unfortunately I haven't got a single one, but I love bjd so I watch your page to check your newest pics :)
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